About Us

Who are we?

Scenery Station is a video production company specializing in HD nature video. We bring the vastness of nature into your living room. We were the first podcast in iTunes to provide pure, unadulterated footage of the natural world – way back in 2005! And now we are delighted to also be able to provide collections of our scenery for purchase on various media.

What type of nature video do you produce?

Our work is a virtual window into the natural world. We want our viewers to escape into peaceful landscapes and the awesome beauty of nature. So we keep it simple. We don’t have a host to get between you and the view, we don’t use narration to distract you from the sounds of the location and we don’t use music to alter your mood. We just bring you nature, raw and undiluted.

Do you process your videos to make the scenery look better than it actually does?

No. What you see is what we saw. We try as hard as we can to replicate the feel of each location and sometimes that might mean we have to correct the video or the sound. But we never go beyond adjusting for the limitations of our equipment.

The Crew

Liza Poppert

Liza grew up in Sydney, Australia and remembers getting her first camera from her parents at about the age of 4. Most of the photos she took were of the sky, clouds and grass, though she was eventually persuaded that it might be worthwhile to photograph people as well! While pursuing her love of scenic photography, Liza obtained an Arts degree in Communications and Philosophy and worked as a camera assistant on television drama series, music videos and TV commercials. She has also delved into short filmmaking and had her work screened at the Hof International Film Festival in Germany, the Telluride IndieFest Film Festival in the USA, the Commonwealth Film Festival in England, as well as various Australian film festivals. Liza started up Scenery Station so that she could return to her first love – filming nature.

Matt O’Connell

Matt is a New Zealander from Christchurch. Scenery Station has travelled extensively in the New Zealand South Island, and through his work with the company Matt has developed a new appreciation for his homeland. He currently lives in Sydney but longs for the biting cold and astonishing landscapes of the South Island. Matt has a Masters degree in Physics and has worked for many years in the financial markets, as well as making two short films that have screened at international film festivals.