Along with the ocean, waterfalls have perhaps the most relaxing natural sound in existence. Every hiker knows the joy of walking through bush or forest and finally hearing the welcoming roar of the waterfall.

Wentworth Falls

wentworth falls

A great place for some quiet meditation, you can actually climb down the steps cut into the sandstone and take in some relaxation time on the platform looking back up at the Upper Wentworth Falls. Which is just as well, as you'll need a rest after negotiating those stairs!

trentham falls

Trentham Falls

This part of Victoria can get extremely hot in summer, so you'll welcome a chance to bask in the mist of a waterfall even after just the short walk from your car! A big part of the beauty of this spot is the native gum trees which sway lazily in the breeze...we've tried to capture both in this nature video.

Erskine Falls

erskine falls

Butterflies flutter past and the heat haze shimmers in this incredibly relaxing virtual window onto the Erskine Falls. It's a good thing you can enjoy the peace from the comfort of your own home as you may not feel quite so comfortable at the actual falls once you read all the warning signs...

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