Often the most beautiful time of day for filming nature scenery, the great sunset scenic video is notoriously difficult to achieve but spectacular and unforgettable if you can nail it.

Glentanner Sunset

glentanner sunset

The pink to purple sunset over the Burnett Mountains and the delta of Lake Pukaki provide an awesome beauty in this landscape video. When the sun goes down behind mountains it is quite different to sunsets in other landscapes. For one thing, the temperature immediately drops several degrees and you remember that the white stuff on those peaks is snow! Not that you have to worry - watch through our virtual window and you won't even have to put on a jacket!

palm sunset

Palm Sunset

Not quite the colours we were expecting from sunset! Sometimes the natural environment can surprise you. We hoped for a stunning golden red sunset and got...a blue one. Not to worry. The sounds of the ocean waves bring a peace and calm to a sunset that is tranquil and serene rather than spectacular.

Sunset over the Remarkables

sunset over the remarkables

We don't often shoot in timelapse, preferring to capture the sounds of nature as well as images in real time. However, we couldn't resist the opportunity to show you the full glory of a sunset over The Remarkables mountain range and we know that most people don't have time to sit down and watch the whole thing. We hope you find this video landscape as gorgeous and unforgettable as we did when filming it.

london bridge sunset

Sunset, London Bridge

A timeless classic, this sunset is nature video as the professional photographer hopes and dreams it will be. This video has it all - crashing ocean waves, brilliant colours and a spectacular and unforgettable sunset dipping into the sea.

City Skyline at Sunset

sydney skyline at sunset

There are many spots in Sydney to choose from if you are looking for a wonderful view of the sun setting. But Darling Point jetty has to be near the top of the list. Bring a picnic, have a glass of wine and watch the sun sink behind the buildings in one of the world's most beautiful cities.

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