From the whisper quiet passage of a river through a winter landscape to the deafening, roaring torrent of a river through a gorge, there is magic and romance in rivers.

Kawarau River

kawarau river

You might not think the deafening roar of a powerful river would be relaxing or soothing, but stare into the pure emerald green waters of the Kawarau River as it rushes through a gorge and you will find it becomes quite mesmerising. A great one for stress relief and enjoying the sounds of nature, come look through our virtual window and feel the weight of the world just melting away...

hagley park

Hagley Park

Taken before the devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 this scene is both a virtual window and a time capsule. The beautiful Avon River in Christchurch is a slow, meditative and peaceful oasis for residents of the city. Unfortunately there was damage to the land along the river during the earthquakes and the river became contaminated. Here we present it to you in its former glory.

Arrow River

arrow river

A peaceful and relaxing river to visit even in winter. Tucked away behind Arrowtown, the banks of the Arrow provide an unforgettable walk through beech forest and bird song. Make sure you leave enough time to sit and listen to the sounds of nature in this tranquil alpine environment.

deschutes river

Deschutes River

Tranquility is an understatement for this river. You would almost think you were looking at a still shot, until you see the ripples moving gently on the surface of water so green it looks black. The eerie silence and beautiful country will dissolve any stress to leave you centred and with nothing but calm.

Benham Falls

benham falls

Out of the forest wilderness tumble clear waters through the rapids. There are several waterfalls on the Deschutes River, but Benham Falls is the only one set in a pine forest. A pine forest which transforms into a magical winter wonderland after a freezing fog...this remains one of our favourite HD videos.

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