Oceans, Harbours & Bays

Quiet, calm harbours and bays, crashing waves...you can practically smell the salt in the air in these oceanside videos.

The Spot

little bay

Only a short drive from central Sydney, "The Spot" offers rolling green golf fairways bordered by a jagged and untamed rocky coast. A popular spot for rock fishing and walking, don't let the stunning beauty of this wilderness lull you into a false sense of security. Several people each year are washed into the sea along this stretch of coastline.

little bay

Little Bay

Captured just before sunset, this view of Little Bay has everything you require in a relaxing nature video. The sound and mesmerising sight of ocean waves coming gently towards you are enough to calm and relax even the most frayed of nerves!

Governors Bay

governors bay

Even on a cloudy day it is worth the short drive from Christchurch out to this picturesque bay. In this scene we give you a virtual window from the end of the Governors Bay jetty as we look back across the beautiful emerald green water at the south side of the Port Hills.

french bay

French Bay

Sailboats and yachts drift lazily in this harbour with its spectacular mountain backdrop. Hear the seabirds calling and the waves lapping on the rocky beach as we take you to beautiful French Bay, Akaroa on a warm winter's afternoon.

Banks Peninsula

banks peninsula

The volcanic soils of the Banks Peninsula are the perfect environment for market gardens and the fresh produce from this area is simply superb. Just as impressive is the gorgeous scenery which is a treat for visitors whether they are driving or hiking around this craggy landscape. Enjoy it with us through our virtual window.

akaroa lighthouse

Akaroa Lighthouse

The yachts line up and swing gently in the breeze as seagulls call and soothing waves lap the shoreline. With the undulating hills of the Banks Peninsula providing a spectacular backdrop, this spot has it all. A classic shot for a relaxation dvd, this is a virtual window so soothing and tranquil it might just lull you to sleep...

London Bridge Sunset

london bridge sunset

Next stop is the Antarctic! It might seem unbelievable that the coldest place on earth is the next piece of land when you bask in the warm glow of this glorious sunset. However, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched when you're actually there and you see the Little Penguins come to shore to spend the night. Sunset scenery over the Great Southern Ocean...it does not get any better than this!

sydney skyline at sunset

City Skyline at Sunset

Enter 'Darling Point' into Google and one of the first results you'll get is for real estate. Possibly Sydney's most expensive suburb, it's easy to see why with incredible sunset scenery like this on offer. Take a look through our virtual window onto the Darling Point jetty in this clip - but bring your jacket, it's windy!

Bay of Islands

bay of islands

Even a grey day can provide spectacular scenery on Victoria's Shipwreck Coast. Here the sky and the sea meld into one. Sit with this one for a while and you'll see how mesmerising it can be...the weird shapes of the limestone rock stacks coupled with crashing waves make this a unique experience.

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