Mountains & Hills

Nothing brings to mind the raw power of nature more than mountains. Formed over millions of years, we are reminded of our own human frailty when we interact with the majesty of the mountain.

Arrowtown Field

arrowtown field

This hillside sits behind the quaint township of Arrowtown. It’s hard not to stand and stare for a very long time when this landscape photographer’s dream shot is before you. The wonderful colours of a beautiful autumn landscape are presented in this nature video that almost seems like a painting...

tasman glacier lake

Tasman Glacier Lake

The sheer vastness of the landscape in the Mt Cook National Park is a wonder to behold. We are the first to admit that no 'virtual window' can truly do justice to this beautiful scenery, but we have made an attempt anyway. Try to imagine yourself absolutely dwarfed by the scale and grandeur of these mountains as you watch this nature video.

Sunset over the Remarkables

sunset over the remarkables

The Remarkables are surely one of the most aptly-named mountain ranges. Heading into Queenstown you come around a bend in the road and look out the window to see a view which is quite literally breathtaking. An imposing and majestic backdrop for the town, one never seems to tire of gazing at these mountains. In this nature video we showcase them at sunset with the wonderful Lake Wakatipu.

remarkables ridge

Remarkables Ridge

It is a bit of a hike up to this vantage point but the view of the magnificent Southern Alps laid out before you is worth all the effort. We kept the camera as steady as we could but the blasting wind gusts were both terrifying and difficult to deal with from a professional photographer's perspective! You can enjoy the stunning view yourself from the safety of this virtual window.

Queenstown Lake Wakatipu

queenstown lake wakatipu

As you no doubt saw in our Remarkables Ridge shot, Queenstown's Lake Wakatipu is situated in an extraordinarily beautiful spot. Incredible snow-capped mountain peaks surround it, making it the perfect location for nature video scenery. Peacefully lapping waters on rocky shores with sheer mountains rising from the depths of the lake. What more could you ask for?

paradise cows

Paradise Cows

The aptly named region of ‘Paradise’ makes a great home for these lucky cows. To say this is beautiful country is a huge understatement. Life seems to move at a different pace here, as you can see from watching the cows for any length of time! Still, why get up when you can take in the awesome view from right there lying down in the field? We hope you enjoy this relaxing nature video too.

Lake Tekapo

lake tekapo

The spectacular Southern Alps provide a magnificent backdrop to the beautiful azure Lake Tekapo which gives its name to the town on its shores. Always snow-capped even in summer, in this winter shot they are covered in white. Come watch the lake through our virtual window and you won't even need to huddle behind a rock to keep out of the driving wind - as we did when we were filming it!

lake pukaki (pan)

Lake Pukaki (pan)

The mountains that surround the stunning milky turquoise Lake Pukaki cannot be taken in easily. We've presented them here in a panoramic shot as it was simply too hard to choose which section of these amazing ranges to cover. At the end of the pan we show the view down to the head of the lake, with New Zealand's highest mountain, Mt Cook, in the background.

Dirty Four, Coronet Peak

dirty four coronet peak

Any direction on the Coronet Peak ski field will provide you with beautiful scenery. Taken in the middle of the ski season after a big snowfall, we see here the surrounding spine of the Southern Alps covered in a fresh dusting of white. Relieve stress within this beautiful natural scenery.

governor's bush track

Governor's Bush Track

Take a hike through the wilderness with us along this fantastic and fun walking track. There are a few short walks within the stunningly beautiful Mt Cook National Park and this one is well worth your time. You don't even need to take a packed lunch as you'll be back in an hour - don't forget your camera though! The walk may be short but it doesn't skimp on the scenery. Expect some beautiful views of nature, both intimate and sweeping.

Coronet Peak (pan)

coronet peak pan

From the top of the lookout above the main chairlift at the Coronet Peak skifield, you have sensational panoramic views across the Wakatipu basin and Lake Wakatipu, with the whole spine of the Southern Alps laid out behind you. You can see the recreational skiers start their runs from the top of the chairlift, but it’s hard to ski well at Coronet as you are forever checking out the gorgeous scenery!

coronet peak chairlift

Coronet Peak Chairlift

A bit of a departure from our usual format, in this nature video we bring you an edited ride up and down the main chairlift at the Coronet Peak skifield. As you can see from the incredible views of the mountains, Lake Wakatipu and Lake Wakatipu basin, it is well worth a visit to this skifield even if you are not a skier! For those who can't make it in person we hope you enjoy the beautiful landscape through our virtual window.

Coronet Peak Access Road

coronet peak access road

As you drive up the Coronet Peak skifield access road you emerge from the overcast gloom and into a new world of light and cloud and beauty beyond your imagination. The Remarkables mountain range looms above a carpet of cloud and you think you’re on the top of the world. Another shining example of Scenery Station's HD Nature videos.

coronet peak 2 rocks

Coronet Peak '2 Rocks'

The peaceful environment of the mountains is captured in this beautiful landscape shot. This atmospheric vista remains one of our favourites for delivering a truly peaceful calming experience. Captured at the Coronet Peak skifield, this magnficicent view lets you experience the best thing about skiing - views that make you forget about skiing!

Casterway, The Remarkables

casterway, the remarkables

Watch and hear the lucky skiers come from the chairlift at The Remarkables skifield to make their descent. This is not just beautiful scenery; as the slow moving clouds drift by in front of you it really does feel like a magical place. The great outdoors at its best - so sit back, enjoy and relax!

braemar road poles and posts

Braemar Road 'Poles and Posts'

We first captured this beautiful image in standard definition. Once Scenery Station went HD, we just had to go back to the exact location for this signature shot. It is stunning. The poles and posts diverging to ‘ínfinity’, together with the wind rustling through the tundra create an unforgettable exotic wilderness.

Ben Ohau Range

ben ohau range

In the middle of the high country is the vast Mackenzie basin - or as The Lord of the Rings fans will know it, “Rohan”. This landscape of golden tundra is edged by a perimeter of beautiful mountains. Feeling at once both magnificent and desolate, you will truly feel as if you've been plunged into an epic fable as you journey through this incredible natural environment.

stonehenge, hanging rock

Stonehenge, Hanging Rock

Obelisks of ancient rock encircle the top of this hill in the middle of nowhere. Ambient nature sounds can be heard all around you, but don’t be lured off the track too far as it is incredibly easy to get confused and lost in a beautiful environment that lends itself perfectly to the haunting mystery of the legendary Picnic At Hanging Rock.

Hanging Rock view from the top

hanging rock

You don't have to look too closely to see the eerie faces in the rocks as we look around at the view from the top of Hanging Rock. The faces are almost enough to distract you from the magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. Watch with us from the safety of your own home - hopefully slightly less unnerving than actually being there!

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