There is something innately relaxing about sitting by the shore of a lake. Featuring beautiful landscapes of unforgettable tranquility, we bring you our album of lakes.

Glentanner Sunset

glentanner sunset

The pink to purple sunset over the Burnett Mountains and the delta of Lake Pukaki provide an awesome beauty in this landscape video. There is a stillness and peace in the vastness of mountainous scenery and the Lake Pukaki delta is no exception. Aside from the occasional landing of a tourist plane, the soundscape is simply that of nature - wind and birdsong.

tasman glacier lake

Tasman Glacier Lake

This still mountain lake looks like highly polished metal, offset by the small brilliantly coloured turquoise pools alongside it. The shale shores seem freshly minted by the slowly melting icebergs. A strange, eerie and completely captivating place.

Lake Pukaki Leaning Tree

lake pukaki leaning tree

It's not often you get to see the forces of nature at work right in front of your eyes in real time. But it’s been years since the lake was this high and this poor tree is sadly paying the price as the shore is eaten away after nights of severe storms. We hope you enjoy this marvellous virtual window onto a changing landscape.

sunset over the remarkables

Sunset over the Remarkables

On the banks of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, The Remarkables put on a light show at dusk captured with timelapse photography. No wonder they used these mountains in The Lord of the Rings! The Remarkables are an astonishing backdrop that never ceases to fill the viewer with awe.

Remarkables Ridge

remarkables ridge

It’s a sheer drop on the other side of this ridge. The wind was gusting so hard that we had to crouch down for safety and cling on to the camera. But what a view! Soothing, tranquil? Not that day! But certainly a stunning and unforgettable landscape. Enjoy the beautiful view from the safety of this virtual window and just imagine yourself only inches from a massive drop...

queenstown lake wakatipu

Queenstown Lake Wakatipu

Many people go to Queenstown for adventure. Jet boating on Lake Wakatipu is a magnificent experience, but the lake has so much more to offer. A truly peaceful vista, sitting on the shore of Lake Wakatipu is a gorgeous and therapeutic experience. Bring your picnic and come look through our virtual window.

Lake Tekapo

lake tekapo

Lake Tekapo is usually a very calm and serene lake. On this day it was whipped up in a frenzy, causing the mountains beyond to be painted with a watercolour mist of vapour haze. Look out for small twisters dancing across the surface. Breathtakingly beautiful nature scenery.

lake pukaki (pan)

Lake Pukaki (pan)

Starting from the dam end, this panoramic winter scene shows the lake on a moody day. The black clouds break into sunlight as we turn to take in a magnificent view of New Zealand’s highest mountain, Mt Cook. Enjoy the soothing sounds of water against rocks and the violet sky over the mountain tops.

Lake Alexandrina in Winter Sun

lake alexandrina in winter sun

Tucked away behind Lake Tekapo, this little gem boasts a tranquility second to none. Not surprising then that the locals don’t like to talk about it! If you are looking for a natural environment that will help you relax and relieve stress, the wonderful Lake Alexandrina is not to be missed.

lake alexandrina

Lake Alexandrina

The high country tussocks glow red as the sun sets on this serene lake. This touch of paradise lies off the beaten track and is a favourite getaway spot for the locals and those 'in the know'. No shops, no hotels or petrol stations – just peace and tranquility. Just what the doctor ordered!

Lake Daylesford

lake daylesford

The mirror finish on this gem gives an explosion of green. Professional photographers abound here, but as usual we’re the only ones with a video camera! Still shots don’t capture the raucous birdlife which abounds on these shores. Here the sounds of nature bring nature video to its best.

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