Gardens are places to relax and unwind. Enjoy some nature therapy with us in these lovely tranquil garden videos.

Botanic Gardens Bats

botanic gardens bats

The fruit bats in the Royal Botanic Gardens are a Sydney institution. Scenery Station does not often set out to film animals, but we couldn’t resist these fruit bats settling down for their night in the Gardens. This is a great relaxation video as it almost makes you want to curl up yourself (hopefully you have slightly less noisy sleeping companions)!

orchard in autumn leaves 3

Orchard in Autumn Leaves 3

Set in the exact same spot as Orchard in Winter Rain, but in the autumn, this orchard shot delights your senses on so many levels. It is simply beautiful. The wonderful natural sound of dry autumn leaves rustling in the wind is as soothing as it gets.

Orchard in Autumn Leaves 2

orchard in autumn leaves 2

In a different part of the same orchard and showing different fruit trees. In this peaceful scene, the fallen autumn leaves give the trees an appearance of a golden glow. A beautiful view of the natural world - tamed, but still awesome and able to inspire us.

orchard in autumn leaves 1

Orchard in Autumn Leaves 1

Autumn is coming in stages to this orchard. One row of nectarine trees clings to summer with its leaves still a vibrant green, while the next row has already completely succumbed to autumn’s golden glow. Enjoy the inexorable progress of time in this relaxing nature video.

Autumn in the Gardens

autumn in the gardens

As the last of the sunlight filters through the trees to fall on the golden carpet in this most beautiful of botanical gardens you are treated to the settling songs of the birdlife as they ready themselves for the night. As well as these nature sounds, you can hear the footsteps of locals walking through the fallen leaves – not a bad route to take to get home from work!

orchard in winter rain

Orchard in Winter Rain

Rain falls ever so gently on the stark beauty of the barren trees. The recent pruning has left a tangle of discarded branches giving a feeling of chaos to an otherwise very ordered, almost Gothic scene. If it weren’t for the soothing sound of rain, it would be slightly creepy!

Orchard in Winter Rain (pan)

orchard in winter rain (pan)

The camera gently sweeps a full turn through the eerie silence of the naked trees. The ordered rows are reinforced by the sentinel poplar trees and you can feel the chill in the air as we see snow drifts on the nearby hills. Despite the chill, there’s a relaxing feel to this scene which is helped along by the calming sounds of gentle winter rain.

lavender rows, lavandula farm

Lavender Rows, Lavandula Farm

All around you, the birdsong and bleating of nearby sheep bring this lovely scene to life. Such classically Australian twilight nature sounds are a real feature in this therapeutic scene from Lavandula Lavender Farm. Let the sound of the bees at work lull you into a relaxed state – a great one for meditation!

Lavandula Farm

lavandula farm

Nature sounds can’t be beaten for their ability to relieve stress and calm the mind. Here at Lavandula Lavender Farm, a medley of birds and bees creates a wonderfully relaxing soundtrack. There is a striking contrast between the setting rays of the sunset lighting up the trees and farmhouse in the background as the shadowed foreground is brought to life by the vivid violet of the lavender.

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