Tropical jungle, old growth forest, snowy forest, eucalyptus forest...get your forest fix here!

Nuusafee Island

samoan forest

An uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean off the south coast of the main Samoan island of Upolu, Nuusafee is not as easy to get to as the more obvious tourist attractions. But if you go to the trouble of hiring a boat you can get a real sense of what it would be like to be alone on tropical island. Don't forget to pack lunch - there are no cafes here! And don't leave it too late to go home or you may have trouble getting back through the reef...

wombat forest

Wombat Forest

If you are looking for a quiet and meditative spot, an Australian eucalyptus forest is perhaps not quite the place to be! But if you would like to be amazed by the stunning beauty of birdsong and other sounds of nature, then come take a wander through Wombat Forest with us.

Snowy Forest in Winter Sun

deschutes forest

The polar opposite of the Australian forest, here we see the quiet calm of a forest freshly carpeted in the pure white of a new snowfall. There's something just a little eerie about the stillness and quiet of a snowy forest as the sun struggles through the trees...

paradise forest

Paradise Forest

This magnificent old birch forest is fittingly located in Paradise, South Island, New Zealand. Used for several scenes in the incomparable "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, it's not at all hard to imagine a magical world amongst these trees.

Governor's Bush Track

governor's bush track

Come with us as we walk through this beautiful New Zealand track. From snow-covered paths to mountain vistas, all the while surrounded by native forest, this is truly breathtaking scenery. The Governor's Bush Track is just one of several walks and hikes available in the Mt Cook National Park.

hanging rock summit walk

Walking Track to Hanging Rock Summit

Hanging Rock is an iconic place in Australia, immortalised by the novel and film "Picnic at Hanging Rock". The beauty of the landscape and the tranquil sounds of nature to be heard amongst the birds and trees belie the spooky and otherworldly feel of a place that is over 6 million years old and has played host to bushrangers and mystery...

Erskine Falls

erskine falls

The Erskine Falls can be found in the Great Otway National Park in Victoria, Australia. On a hot day, a bold visitor may be treated to a cool break at the feet of this calm and tranquil waterfall in the forest. Courage may be required to make it down to the base of the waterfall however. The walking track is sometimes closed due to unsafe conditions, and warning signs are in place to alert visitors to hazards including falling trees, slippery rocks and snakes.

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