Coastlines & Beaches

The beach is near the top of everyone's list of favourite places to relax. Come for a virtual vacation to the beach with us in our Coastlines & Beaches album.

Palm Sunset

palm sunset

Beautiful sunset scenery here on this very restful beach. It was a relaxing time to be there as the heat from the day was slowly replaced by the still and cool night air. You can hear the gentle lapping of the ocean underneath the constant bombardment of the reef.

gog & magog from the beach

Gog & Magog from the Beach

The two silent sentinels sit boldly guarding the beach, defiantly weathering the constant attack of the great southern ocean as it tries to push these two giants over. A beautiful landscape scene that is at once both relaxing and awe-inspiring.

Gibson's Steps Beach

gibson's steps beach

It's quite a walk down the cliff face to get here, but well worth the effort - golden sands, fantastic coastline and a real mix of colours in the surf. A walk along this beach will do wonders to reduce your stress levels. It takes some planning though - this is a wild coastline and an unpatrolled beach. You can only visit if the weather and tides are right. Or you could just visit with us through our virtual window!

gaerloch reserve

Gaerloch Reserve

There's a lot going on in this relatively short pan across one of the lovely bays you will find on Sydney's Eastern suburbs coast. Locals walking and jogging along the path, surfers waiting on their boards, waves crashing on the rocks and children laughing in the background. This has to be one of the world's best coastal walks.



Another part of the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, at Clovelly this wild coastline forms a long narrow bay which ends in a very sedate beach, making it a favourite for young families. This scene was taken on a pleasant sunny day, but this spot is also worth a visit when the weather is bad and the wind is up - the waves can be incredible and as there's a huge carpark you can enjoy this spectacular landscape right from your car!

lagoon and palm trees

Lagoon and Palm Trees

There's lots of this in Samoa - gorgeous beaches, swaying palm trees and beautiful blue lagoons. No wonder the locals are all friendly and happy. One warning: if you enjoy watching this scene through our virtual window, it may be hard not to want to go there in person to really enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Over-The-Water Fales

over-the-water fales

Ocean views aren't too much of a problem if you happen to live over the water - and if you did, then this is where you would want to live. The lapping waves send you to sleep each night and a walk along the deserted, beautiful sands is your morning exercise. Paradise. Unfortunately, this paradise was destroyed by a tsunami shortly after filming.

palm trees on beach

Palm Trees on Beach

Palm trees lie desolate on the beach as they were ripped from their moorings by a tropical storm, underscoring just how this tranquil paradise can change from beauty to terrifying beast. In the natural environment, beauty and danger so often go hand in hand...this coastline was devastated by a tsunami shortly after we filmed these scenes.

Alofaaga Blowholes

alofaaga blowholes

The locals use these blowholes to launch coconuts into space, so you don't want to peer down them too closely. The sea slams the coast with quite a force and it goes without saying that it's very difficult to remain dry anywhere near this exciting place. It's tempting to creep a bit closer for a better look, but every now and then a big smash will send you scurrying backwards quick smart!

sand, sea and sky

Sand, Sea and Sky

This simple but tranquil and idyllic scene sums up what to expect when you visit Samoa. Endless beaches, clear and clean waters, interesting clouds and fantastic weather all put together with the distant roar of the reef. Easily one of our favourite nature scenes.

Mutton Bird Island

mutton bird island

The waves really roll past with tremendous and awe-inspiring force; small wonder this is a home for shipwrecks. The changing light plays beautifully on both Mutton Bird Island and the surrounding cliff faces. Sit and watch the slow power of the ocean for a while and let the soothing waves relax you and relieve any stress...

loch ard beach

Loch Ard Beach

This small sheltered beach is less than 100m wide and is one of the only calm beaches along this magnificent coastline. The waves are always gentle even when the rest of the coastline is being pounded by heavy seas, which makes it an ideal place to stop and relax or have a holiday picnic. As with most beaches along the Shipwreck Coast it is unpatrolled, so do take care and don't go too far out.

Loch Ard Gorge

loch ard gorge

Another perfect example of the stunning scenery of the Great Ocean Road, the fragility of the limestone coast and the relentless power of the great southern ocean. Scenery Station is now the best place to view this natural masterpiece, as today this Island Archway no longer exists.

gog and magog

Gog and Magog

Standing defiantly against the might of the great Southern Ocean is this majestic pair of nature's coastguards. Dusk is a wonderful time of day to enjoy this spectacular natural landscape, particularly in summer. While the intense heat of the day has passed, the sun's setting rays light up the ragged coast and cast an orange glow on the limestone cliffs.

12 Apostles

12 apostles

The 12 Apostles are an icon of the Victorian tourist trail and appear different depending on the time of day and season of visiting. Here we present them to you in the full glory of a hot summer's morning. The gorgeous green of the Southern Ocean contrasting beautifully with the deep orange sands of the limestone coast. Already nearly 30ºC (86ºF) at 10 o'clock in the morning, there's a fair chance you may enjoy this one more from the comfort of your home than we did in person!

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