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Coastlines & Beaches

samoan beach

The only thing better than watching waves crashing on a rocky shore or lapping gently on a beach is listening to the natural sounds of the ocean that go with it. It's enough to put even an insomniac to sleep! View our range of coastlines, beaches and blowholes in the 'Coastlines & Beaches' album.

paradise forest


There's nothing like a wander through an ancient forest to recharge your batteries. The stillness, peace and calm of being surrounded by mossy old-growth trees is both relaxing and breathtaking. Hear the natural sounds of a nearby waterfall in some of the videos in our 'Forests' album.


lavandula lavender farm

Gardens are places of peace and tranquility. Included in our 'Gardens' album are scenes from Botanic Gardens, flower farms and orchards. Take a load off and listen to the bees in the lavender at dusk.

lake alexandrina


High mountain lakes, city lakes, lakes in parks, lakes at sunset and lakes both natural and man-made. If you love lakes, we've got it all covered for you in our 'Lakes' album. Not to forget - ducks on lakes.

Mountains & Hills

coronet peak mountain view

Mountains are places of awesome beauty and breathtaking magnificence. Feel the wonder of the power of nature while viewing some of our incredible mountain landscapes.

bay of islands

Oceans, Harbours & Bays

The ocean is a commanding force of nature. From the brooding Southern Ocean to gentle bays and city harbours, feel its power while watching videos from our 'Oceans, Harbours & Bays' album.


deschutes river

Every river has a story to tell as it winds its way from the mountains to the sea. Come along for the journey and wonder at the stories of these rivers as they roar through gorges or whisper quietly along in a pristine winter wonderland.



Pink, blue, orange...sunsets come in all different shades and colours in this album. If you're looking for the traditional, romantic blood red sunset over crashing waves at the beach, well, we've got that for you here. But we also have sunsets that turned out just a bit different! Come and experience this gorgeous time of the day with us as the sun goes down and the sounds of nature come into their own.


erskine falls

Waterfalls have a wonderful meditative quality. Their mesmerizing flow is peaceful and soothing to watch and they can also have a marvellous soporific effect on those suffering from insomnia.

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